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Hiya! I'm Brian Fling. I lead design and product teams, advise startups, and teach others how to make beautifully designed software that improves people's lives. I make bagels too 🥯

  • Design Leader I've created a measurable impact for over 200M customers
  • UX/UI Designer Award winning product designer / human-centered designer
  • Design Manager Over 15 years experience managing mid & large design teams/orgs
  • Teacher/Mentor University instructor, public speaker, advisor and mentor
  • Tech Expert Expert in mobile, component-based web apps, AI & ML-based apps
  • Startup Veteran Founding designer, entrepreneur, investor and advisor
  • O'Reilly Author Wrote the first "animal" book on mobile design and development
  • Podcaster Co-host of popular design podcast Designer&Designer

Starting Smarter Startups

The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) and its AI-first startup incubator were created by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. I was the Head of Design for our portfolio of AI-first companies who raised over $56M on $250M valuation during my tenure.

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AI2 Incubator

Like AWS meets AdWords

Amazon Ads accounts for $31.6B in revenue for Amazon – making it the second largest online advertiser after Google. I led the reimagining of the advertiser platform – from customer journeys, to product strategy, to creation of a new modernized design system.

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Hey Roxy, I'd like a cheeseburger 🍔

Roxy is a speech enabled device that provides curated and personalized in-room concierge services from the team that previously worked on Amazon Alexa. Roxy was designed from the beginning to directly address the limitations of consumer-facing speech enabled devices, like context and complex requests.

Roxy was acquired by Angie Hospitality in 2019.

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Automate Anything Anywhere

Catalytic’s AI-powered automation SaaS platform bridges the gap between people, data and existing technologies, providing configurable automated actions that replace routine work. I led the design of the core platform, the super-simple automation builder and our customer education tools.

Catalytic was acquired by PagerDuty in 2022.

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Reinventando el almuerzo

Toks  – part of Grupo Gigante – is one of Mexico's largest and most popular restaurant chains, serving over 33 million customers per year. In partnership with our friends at Deloitte Digital, I led the C-level folks from Toks and Grupo Gigante through a series of design thinking workshops, research and strategy sessions to develop a digital transformation program to reinvent the lunch experience in Mexico.

Autonomous forklifts for the win

I led the design of a one-of-a-kind program that used autonomous forklifts to move scissor lifts around a work site. The autonomous forklift generates a realtime map with onboard LiDAR. Users design and run forklifts routines from an iPad. It was pretty dope.


The British Invasion will be streamed

The BBC iPlayer for iPad (Global Edition) was more than just a mouthful, it was an instant Top 10 app around the world – with 1M+ downloads in the first year (without the US or UK 😢). I led the design team of this award winning app that providing the best of the BBC like Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Office, AbFab and more.

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A new home for the world's local bank

It's practically legend now, but I once brought together and led the worlds best designers to help get HSBC (the worlds largest bank) unstuck – in one week. Our work and expertise had an enormous impact on HSBCs 40M+ customers, dramatically improving both account opening and customer satisfaction. The new information architecture and design language we created that week became the foundation of HSBCs digital strategy that continues today.

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Setting the standard for mobile banking

I led the global mobile and tablet programs for the world's largest bank for several years. I led multiple creative and engineering programs, like the global design system standards, as well as managed design teams and partner agencies located in London, Hong Kong, New York and Seattle.

The second best design podcast by guys named Joe & Brian

I produce and co-host a podcast that discusses the day-to-day challenges of “the least important, most important job there is” – being a designer!

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I wrote the book on mobile design

Not many people get to say they "wrote the book" on a topic. I was very fortunate to invited to write the very first O'Reilly "animal" book – often seen as the definitive guide – on mobile design. I haven't had the time to update it in years, though it is still being used in university-level courses to teach Mobile Design. One day, I will bring it up to date.

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